USA Student VISA success tips

USA Student VISA success tips

When you invest in the best, you only get the best in return. This is the case with USA Education System, considered the best in the world.

Apple is the world’s best brand. It is product of USA. McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut etc. are the world’s leading fast food chains. They are the by-product of USA. All the world’s leading innovations are a result of USA. And the best way for deserving students to be part of that ecosystem is through a student visa.

And, guess what – getting a USA Student Visa is actually very easy. It is not difficult – even a sixth grade student can get admission into USA Education System. You can also get entry after your +2, for world class Bachelor courses. Not only that – even working professionals can go in for professional qualification.


Every day, many students and their parents ask me about USA Education. Somehow, there’s a misconception in their minds made by agents, that you just submit them documents and money, and you’ll be through. Hold on! Before you go for USA education, these are the few things you must keep in mind.

1. GPA

The US Education System works on the Grade Point Average (GPA). That is, the grade points are calculated based on absolute relative score instead of the actual one (which is what percentage determines). For instance, a student who topped her/his class with 120 out of 200 marks will have 60% in terms of percentage, A in terms of the highest grade available.

GPA is an important factor when applying to U.S. universities, as they have minimum criteria for admitting you to their course as per the GPA. Hence if you do not have a very good GPA during bachelors or masters, it makes no point applying to every University out there, it’ll only result in rejection.

2. English

The US Education System runs on English language, because your classroom will consist of students across the world, which is why they test your proficiency in the language. It is expected that you must be able to demonstrate working proficiency in the language, in listening as well as speaking. And the most standard way for them to assess is via IELTS.

Most Universities do not accept students with lower than 6.5 IELTS band, in fact some even go till 7 bands. They do make an exception, if your overseas education consultant has an affiliation with the University and sends a strong recommendation.

Remember, nothing works better than word of mouth. You need to demonstrate your English to a bare minimal level, and then it is the right recommendation that will get you through.


3. Funds

When you go for US Education, you are going to be spending more money than you’d have spent in India.

Worry not – because this is not as expensive as it seems.

Never forget that whenever you buy an expensive thing, it will always give you very high returns. BMW, Mercedes, Apple iMac, etc. these things are expensive but they are also of the topmost quality. If you buy a second-grade cheaper thing, it’ll always give you problems later on. Same way, quality USA Education will only do good to your career.

The fees of US education are generally around Rs. 20 Lakhs a year, and living expense are around Rs. 15 Lakhs a year. This means you’ll have to shell out roughly Rs. 35 Lakhs a year for top quality education. During visa application, you will have to demonstrate that you have enough maintenance funds for the fees and first year living expense.

Therefore, when you want to go for the best USA education, you should not fall in the trap of consultants who give you wrong choices and prevent you from following your dreams.

Best immigration agent in Jalandhar – Vinay Hari


  • AIRC certified consultant
  • Member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators. Had booth at NAFSA last year and will be going again next year
  • Proven track record sending 1000+ students to USA for education
  • Approved from all 50 states of USA for sending students on study visa
  • Official accreditations with leading Universities such as UC Irvine

Here’s video testimonial of a student who went to UC California. Hear him out!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let anything come in your way of following your dreams and make an excellent life for your future.




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