Canada Student Visa on Des Pardes Live

Canada Student Visa on Des Pardes Live


Check out my new TV show, where I have given important points on Canada Student Visa including:

  • IELTS with 5.5 Band and how it is helping village kids to study abroad in Canada
  • The business of commission in low ranked private colleges and how I’m avoiding it by sending students to high ranked government universities
  • How student visa is helping the poor realize their dreams of working abroad
  • The fraud being done by selfish agents and how you can prevent yourself from it
  • Canada visa refusal is causing loss of 2 Lakh Rupees to poor, which I save by taking money after visa
  • I am not into getting commission – I just want people to get visa, so I take money afterwards
  • The fraud being done in the name of study visa seminar, which is causing monetary loss to unsuspecting people
  • What is actually required to get Canada visa – even if you have gap or no IELTS score
  • How to assess a genuine visa agent, and what to do if your visa has been previously refused

My purpose of this video is to create public awareness. I am not interested in taking commission from low-ranked colleges, my focus is to win people’s trust, which is why my highly competent team works round the clock.

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Study In Canada | Canada Student Visa Consultants In Delhi – Vinay Hari

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